Things to do in Freetown

Things to do in Freetown

March 25, 2021 2023-10-13 9:57

As a customer-satisfaction driven management team, we at the New Brookfields Hotel understand the value of creating experiences for our guests that will leave them feeling special, connected and memorable. We have put together a few places you can visit while you’re with us. 

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

“40 minutes outside of Freetown, Sierra Leone, Tacugama is set high in the hills of the Western Area Forest Reserve. The 100-acre sanctuary is 10 minutes past the historic mountain village of Regent. To come and see the chimpanzees at Tacugama, please reserve a place on one of our guided tours. There are two daily tours available: at 10:30am and 4:00pm, every day of the year. All tours are by appointment only and group sizes are limited. Please contact us in advance to confirm your reservation and arrive in good time to avoid disappointment. Tour prices: Expat adult $15 or Le 65.000 Expat child $ 5 or Le 25.000 SL adult Le 20.000 SL child Le 5.000” – Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary Management. 

Bunce Island

Bunce is a 1600 feet uninhabitted island lying approximately 20 miles up the Sierra Leone River from Freetown, the Capital city of Sierra Leone. Bunce Island was established as a slave trading station in 1670. From 1670 to 1728 two companies- the Gambia Adventurers and the Royal African Company of England ran Bunce Island one after the other.  Bunce Island’s prosperity ran from 1744 to 1807 during private management by a consortium of London firms. At their slave trading heights British traders shipped tens of thousands of African slaves to the Americas from this place. The trading fort was subjected to attacks a number of times by other Europeans. Slave trading ceased on the island with the abolition of slace trade in 1808. It was however in the 1840 that the Bunce Island fort was finally abandoned. Bunce Island was declared a National Monument in 1948.” 
– UNESCO World Heritage Convention. 

The National Railway Museum

ALL ABOARD! This is your ticket to a railway adventure – a legendary railway museum in a stunning country that needs the world’s help more than ever before – Sierra Leone.


The Sierra Leone National Railway Museum is a remarkable story of luck, enthusiasm and pride overcoming the devastation of civil war and Ebola. This incredible collection of British-built trains has survived 40 years hidden in a derelict railway workshop and is now set to become an engine for the country’s regrowth.”

– The National Railway Museum, Freetown. 

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